30 Years And Going Strong

Well this is the 30th anniversary of my divorce — and they said it would never last.  1980 was a tough year.  On Jan 30th my dad died and on Feb 11th I got divorced.  Nothing like a little stress to keep you going.

I actually found out that my ex died last year.  I haven’t seen him for a long time but it felt rather icky to find out he died.  You know, even if you are divorced this is a person who was a big part of your life for a while and I didn’t hate him so it was icky.

Two things got me through: 1) the 1980 US Olympic hockey team winning gold was such a high; and 2) playing “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor over and over again right after the divorce.  And I did survive.

There were some really good times … unfortunately there were more bad times.  But, here’s to the good times …

Boy my hair looks really good doesn’t it?  I think Tom looks like Lee Marvin, do you?