35 Is The New Stupid

I’m watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” on TVLand and there’s an ad for the show “She’s Got The Look,” a TV show about women over 35 who are trying to be models. One woman is heard to say “That’s the nice thing about being over 35, you can be fearless.” Oh, honey, you are such a blubbering idiot.

Here are some things you have to fear: you are going to start working about bone loss; you could break a hip (leg, knee, arm, wrist, ankle, back); you will have no money when you want to retire; they will raise the retirement/Medicare age on you; you will be fired for being too old; you can’t find a new job because you’re too old; your bladder is going to start to leak; you will have pains associated with changes in the weather; etc. etc.
Someone who is 35 isn’t “starting over;” they’ve barely started. Talk to me when you’re 50. What? Huh? Oh yes — “Bitter, party of one.”
And, GO TWINS!!!