50 Years Ago

On July 15, 1960 around 6 in the morning Marjorie Warren was waiting on the corner for her car pool ride to pick her up. Someone came up to her and shot her to death. Many years ago I wrote a story about “famous” murders in south Minneapolis and I discovered the story of Marjorie. For some reason it stuck with me and I’ve never been able to get her out of my head.

I finally started a website called www.whokilledmarjorie.com. The whole story is there. I think the reason it stuck with me was that she was just an average person who knew something that got her killed. And it bothers me that it was never solved. That someone got away with this horrible crime and that she is all but forgotten. Marjorie had no children and her A-hole husband remarried about a year after her death. Many years ago I went to Slayton, Minnesota where she is buried. I was planning on going back today but the heat from yesterday gave me such a bad migraine that I knew I could never handle a six hour car trip without my head exploding — and no matter how lovely I am, if my head exploded it would totally ruin my “look.” I’ll go another day.
Last month I spoke to the Minneapolis police lieutenant who is in charge of cold cases. She was asking me why I was interested and I told her that it bothered me that this woman has been forgotten and she said there are hundreds of cases just like Marjorie. I was moved because I could tell that the Lieutenant really cared about these people.
So, take a minute today and remember a woman named Marjorie. I’ll appreciate it.