I Can Print! I Can Print!

I found some of the cartoons I drew many years ago. I took a cartoon drawing class that was so much fun. I had a few that I thought were pretty good. I’m especially fond of this one.

I think I finally have my computer up to date — of course tomorrow Apple will release something new again. It is amazing how quickly you can have an obsolete running system. I’ve only had my computer for a couple of years and I was two systems behind. I am happy though that my computer itself is still the same … they haven’t changed that at all. Hopefully Apple is so busy with iPods and iPads and iPoo (that’s my term for all the other shit they are working on) that they won’t feel the need to redesign the computer itself for a while.

But the best news is that I got my printer to work … I’ve been trying to get it hooked up and upgrade the software blah, blah, blah for a while and last night it printed a page … one whole beautiful page. I thought I was going to have to get a new printer and while that didn’t thrill me it meant I would have to take a trip to the recycle center to get rid of the old printer and I said the next time I knew I’d have to go out there I was going to take my old TV with me. It is about 12 years old is gigantic and I only get 3/4 of a picture on it now that everything is HD. But I swore I wouldn’t get a new one until this one either gave out or I had to go to the recycling center with something else (like my hips or knees). So the old monster gets a reprieve (the TV not me).

Time to head off to the salt mines. I wonder if people who actually work in salt mines say it’s time to head off to the office. I’ll have to think about that ….

Getting In Touch With My Inner Speilberg

How could I pass up this item at the grocery store? It’s like it had my name and psychological status on it.

And look at the new photo booth option …. ha ha ha. There are a number of new options so I’m going to have big fun. Oh how did I get this new option; I upgraded to Mac Lion from Mac Snow Leopard from Mac Cougar or Puma or Tiger of some kind of cat. If the current level is Lion I’m not sure what the next step up could be — Aardvark. Now that it is uploaded it’s fine but what a pain in the ass. After I loaded it I found out it didn’t support 2004 Microsoft Office so I had to upgrade to 2011. I suppose after 7 years it’s about time but still…

I made my first iMovie this weekend. I heard the song “The Snake” and it made me think of how many women (and men) get into relationships with people who are snakes but they believe some how they are going to be able to change them. And I’m guilty of it too — boy am I guilty. So I took the song and got photos for well known “snakes” such as Mel Gibson, Jesse James, Angelina Jolie and I made a movie of them. It’s on YouTube if you want to check it out. Of course I did this rather than cleaning my bedroom but dust can wait — art has to be released from the artist’s soul, yeah and that’s why I didn’t clean my bedroom.

A ChipHead

This weekend my external hard drive stopped working. I didn’t know what was happening and ALL my writings and photos were on that hard drive and I immediately went into PANIC mode. I looked on line at the manufacturer’s website which was as helpful as an Amish electrician. I was sure I was going to have to pay $250 to have my data recovered. So I signed up to go to the Genius Bar at the Apple store on Sunday morning just in case they had a better idea. First, I couldn’t believe how many people were at the Apple store at 11:00 on Sunday. It was a zoo — mostly at the iPad section. I have to get one of those, but I digress. Went to the Genius Bar and the genius tried out my hard drive on a couple of their computers and told me that it wasn’t the hard drive, it was the power that had failed. All I needed was a new shell for the hard drive itself. He said they aren’t that expensive and if I knew someone who was computer savy they could help me — and he said it like I was 5 years old and needed someone to help me on the potty. Long story short (oh I guess that ship already sailed) I bought a new shell and managed to transfer the hard drive and I now have all my documents back. I guess that means I’m computer savy or a Chiphead if you will. And, I had a fab-u-lous time at the Twins Opener. Thanks again to Jean for inviting me. It was crowded and noisy and at times hot and then cold and we won and I ate a hot dog and drank some pop and cheered and booed and stamped my feet and had a marvelous time that was absolutely deserving of a long run-on sentence. I can’t wait to go again. I also went to see “HOP.” Fell asleep for about 1/4 of it, but what I did see was okay. Kind of reminded me of The Santa Clause but with bunnies. Happny Monday.

Back On Line — Boy Am I Spoiled

I finally am back on line.  I did all the usual steps when I can’t get on line and nothing worked.  Sat on hold for 40 minutes waiting for Comcast to tell me it’s not their fault and transfer me to Apple.  The wonderful woman at Apple got me up and running in about 5 minutes.  I love Apple.

So yesterday I’m at the grocery store and I remembered its resolution time.  I stopped making resolutions — well the traditional resolutions (I’ll lose weight, exercise, get taller, keep my condo clean, find a cure for cancer, and be nominated for a Nobel prize in physics).  This blog I guess is my New Year’s resolution.  Actually its my need to do something other than work, walk the dog, and watch television.  It is so easy to get in a rut.

I love to write but I come home and say “Oh I’m too tired to write.”  You know it’s not like I was out pulling a plow or digging ditches or chasing children for 8 hours.  I sit in an office at a computer and every once in a while I have to walk from the 16th floor to the 15th floor and then back up the stairs, but that’s about it.  The truth is not that I’m too tired, its just easier to lay on the couch with Freckles and watch whatever is on.  So I’m hoping that this blog will inspire me to do even more writing.

So back to the whole grocery store and I remembered its resolution time — I got sidetracked as usual (shiny object, shiny object) — the first of the year you will always find the Lean Cuisine on sale, along with other “diet” products.  Every other commercial is either for Alli, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Lifetime Fitness, or some other weight loss/get in shape project.  Having been overweight all my life, and having lost as much as 100 pounds at one time, I can tell you what the secret to weight loss is — being happy, creative, and liking yourself.  If you don’t like yourself at 280 pounds, you aren’t going to like yourself at 120 pounds — I guarantee it.

Okay, I’m going to spend the day picking up — I have a tendency to let things fall and stay.  I even bought a gift wrap organizer to put my leftover Christmas paper in.  Maybe this is the year I get organized — oh I crack myself up.

Have a good Sunday.