Back To Reality — Yuck!!!!

Thought I would show off my new robe. Well it’s back to work and no more short weeks for quite a while (in my case it’s until Good Friday).  On the office there is this one character, the receptionist Pam, who says “At the beginning of the year I try to wait as long as I can before I use my vacation – I usually make it to the middle of January.” I can relate to her feelings — I’d like to take all three weeks right now and then another three weeks and another and … well you get the idea.

I have managed to keep my new year’s resolution so far — that I won’t make any resolutions. I have so much willpower it amazes even me.

I took my coins in to the bank on Saturday and had $416 — I will probably need to use it towards paying for my hernia surgery from carrying them into the bank. I put them in two different sacks to try to balance the load. This is a new record for me. Every year I follow Suzi Orman’s idea of only paying with paper and saving my coins during the year. Considering a can of pop at work is a quarter and I have at least two a day (don’t tell my dental hygenist) that’s $1.50 a day right there that goes into my bank. It’s actually an easy way to save some money and always fun to see what the total is — although next year I’m going to make my niece or nephew carry the money for me and I’ll give them a quarter tip (gee I’m generous), okay maybe a dollar!!!!

Have a fun day back at the salt mines or wherever the heck you are. I’m going to spend most of the day thinking about when I could take a vacation and where could I go for $416 besides Lakeville.

Happy New Year Part 3


Oh what a hair cut can do to make you feel better. Happy new year to each of you. I hope 2012 is a great year until 12/21/12 when the world is coming to an end — again. But right up to that date I plan to have a good time.

This is my third New Year’s post. Quite proud that I have been blogging for two years on a fairly regular basis (okay sometimes I just vanish but I always return don’t I – kind of like a social disease).

I am proud to continue my traditional resolution of not making resolutions. I have been able to keep that resolution year after year. This is the time of year we all the holiday ads are replaced with weight loss, fitness centers and equipment, and quit smoking ads. Weight Watcher meetings become crowded as do the locker rooms at the various clubs around town. Lean Cuisine goes on sale and they can barely keep baby carrots on the shelves. And fitness DVDs replace the holiday movies. But around Groundhog’s Day everything goes back to normal.

I have one goal this year and that is to go out more. I tend to be a home body and I want to do more with my friends this year. Even though Freckles is campaigning for me to stay home more I want to take more opportunities to get out and be with people (although I have to admit I prefer dogs to most people). I know it will be a slow start because I hate to be out in the cold and snow (and it is cold this morning) but I’m going to work on that. So if you find me just standing outside your home waving at you don’t be surprised — I’m just trying to get out more — and that restraining order will not be necessary (unless you happen to be Keifer Sutherland who is starring in a new TV show starting this month — yippee).

So to start the year right I’m heading out to see The Muppets (again) with my BFF Annie. I love the farting shoes scene.  I am so classy.

Back On Line — Boy Am I Spoiled

I finally am back on line.  I did all the usual steps when I can’t get on line and nothing worked.  Sat on hold for 40 minutes waiting for Comcast to tell me it’s not their fault and transfer me to Apple.  The wonderful woman at Apple got me up and running in about 5 minutes.  I love Apple.

So yesterday I’m at the grocery store and I remembered its resolution time.  I stopped making resolutions — well the traditional resolutions (I’ll lose weight, exercise, get taller, keep my condo clean, find a cure for cancer, and be nominated for a Nobel prize in physics).  This blog I guess is my New Year’s resolution.  Actually its my need to do something other than work, walk the dog, and watch television.  It is so easy to get in a rut.

I love to write but I come home and say “Oh I’m too tired to write.”  You know it’s not like I was out pulling a plow or digging ditches or chasing children for 8 hours.  I sit in an office at a computer and every once in a while I have to walk from the 16th floor to the 15th floor and then back up the stairs, but that’s about it.  The truth is not that I’m too tired, its just easier to lay on the couch with Freckles and watch whatever is on.  So I’m hoping that this blog will inspire me to do even more writing.

So back to the whole grocery store and I remembered its resolution time — I got sidetracked as usual (shiny object, shiny object) — the first of the year you will always find the Lean Cuisine on sale, along with other “diet” products.  Every other commercial is either for Alli, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Lifetime Fitness, or some other weight loss/get in shape project.  Having been overweight all my life, and having lost as much as 100 pounds at one time, I can tell you what the secret to weight loss is — being happy, creative, and liking yourself.  If you don’t like yourself at 280 pounds, you aren’t going to like yourself at 120 pounds — I guarantee it.

Okay, I’m going to spend the day picking up — I have a tendency to let things fall and stay.  I even bought a gift wrap organizer to put my leftover Christmas paper in.  Maybe this is the year I get organized — oh I crack myself up.

Have a good Sunday.