Mary F*in’ Poppins?

I love the movie Mary Poppins. When I was a kid I had the piano music and could play all the songs. “Feed the Birds” always made me sad — still does. So I am looking forward to the movie Mary Poppins Returns. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Lin Manuel Miranda is going to play Bert!

So the other day I was at the theater seeing “A Wrinkle in Time” and saw a trailer for the movie:

At the end of the trailer was this:

Well isn’t that just Supercalifrickinlisticexpialidocious?  “This film has not yet been rated?!?!?!?!?!” Is there any chance it would be anything other than “G”? But it got me thinking — what could be in the film that would give it an “R” rating:

  • “Chimney Sweeps” is now an all male dance show in Vegas. You wouldn’t believe what they use to clean your chimney.
  • Michael Banks’ spoonful of sugar has become a spoonful of coke and he’s in the First Fidelity rehab facility.
  • Jane Banks is living in a double-wide with her five kids from five different baby daddies. She works at a local tobacco store — Sister Cigarette.
  •  Uncle Albert is selling nitrous oxide at his “On The Ceiling Coffee Bar” so everyone can love to laugh.
  • Mary Poppins traded sliding up and down the banister to a sliding up and down a dance pole at the local watering hole.
  • Bert no longer “steps in time” but is “doin’ time” for selling pot brownies at his Jolly Holiday Cafe.

Yep, I guess there is a chance this could turn “R” — I mean it is starring Emily “Blunt” isn’t it. Everybody jump into the chalk drawing!!!!!

The Boy Next Door — An Achievement in Cinema?

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.31.58 PMI keep seeing these ads for the movie The Boy Next Door.  It is based on real life — an incredibly good looking boy moves into a house that is next to an incredibly good looking, lonely, housewife. Of course they end up in bed, because that’s what is required by the ordinances of most cities when these events occur (which is usually “never” times the square root of “no way” divided by “when monkeys fly”).

This film was produced by the Wet Dreamworks Studio.

I’m hoping The Boy Next Door 2 will feature a boy with acne, dandruff, and who smells like — a teenage boy who moves next door to his grandmother’s best friend Sadie who has more facial hair than he has.

It Was A Dark and Stormy Morning

This is where I want to be all day. Snuggling with my Freckles, reading a book, and watching movies. But alas, that won’t pay for the book or movies or dog food so I am at work.
My five favorite movies you ask
1. Casablanca
2. Elf
3. Waiting for Guffman
4. Music Man
5. The Sting
I’m sure that would change from time to time but those are five movies I can watch over and over again and love every minute.
Books I can read over and over — not many:
1. Wrinkle in Time
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
3. Six of One
4. House at Pooh Corner
5. Reading Books Over and Over For Dummies
How about you? What are your favorites?