A “Fashion” Rant

For some odd reason an ad for Temple dresses keeps popping up on my Facebook page and I couldn’t take it any longer — these are dresses that are suppose to be worn in the mormon temples (and yes I have not capitalized mormon on purpose the same way I do not capitalize yankees). I just have to say WTF? You know I heard about the magic underwear that mormons are suppose to have under their heathen clothes but what is this about? It says “Women’s Clothing” but it’s not — it’s “Little House on the Prairie Walnut Grove Annual Virgin Parade” clothing. All these women are missing is a sacrificial volcano and they are ready to go. Oh and isn’t it sweet that they are barefoot. That one on the left better get inside … I think she’s showing a little too much neck.

I’m not big on any organized religion but this is right up there with the 7 year old girls who dress like little brides when they take their first communion or women who have to keep themselves covered up so they don’t “tempt” men with their … upper arms and wrists I guess. Do you see what happens when you let men dictate what you wear — I mean straight men (or at least men who are pretending to be straight). Yikes.