A Gift Like No Other

mammogram giftI get a mammogram every year and as every woman should. If you can’t afford one, find a clinic where you can pay on a sliding scale or not pay at all. These places are out there. Every woman should have her breasts pressed once a year, if for no other reason than to get the wrinkles out.

That being said, I just don’t think a gift certificate for a mammogram is going to catch on. Nor will a certificate for a pap smear, colonoscopy, prostate exam, or week in Minot, North Dakota. (While the latter is not a medical procedure, it can be just as unappealing and longer as the others.)

Of course, with the current trend in health insurance (or lack thereof), this may be the only option people who are still waiting for the trickle down effect to start working will have to get these procedures and others.

If the medical profession really wants to get this idea off the ground they are gong to need some snappy marketing. For example:

I can’t get you a sports car,
I can’t send you off to Europe,
I can’t give you a condo,
But I can give you some stirrups.

A pap smear is waiting for you at the AAA Pap Clinic.

Personally I’m hoping for my next birthday all my friends will pitch in and get me that colonoscopy I’ve always wanted. That way I can eat my cake and then see what happens to it too.