A New Calling

I use to tell people I was going to be a nun because I heard the call of Christ and he was the only man who called. (Ba-rum-bum) Well apparently I have finally made the move — in Cincinnati for god’s sake — oops I can’t say that anymore — I mean Cincinnati for GOD’s sake:

Seven individuals made commitments as Associates in Mission of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati recently. Mary Hirsch, Richard Meder, Jennifer Melke, Rose Mullen, Gloria Santoro, Kathy Vogelpohl, and Debbie Weber made their commitment on Sunday, June 13 at the Sisters of Charity Chapel of the Immaculate Conception at the Motherhouse in Delhi Township.

I’m not sure how Richard snuck in there but remember the 11th Commandment — Thou Shall Not Asketh; Thou Shall Not Telleth.
You know one nice thing about the spiritual life — when you keep your eyes towards Heaven, your double chin disappears. I think that could be a good recruitment tool for the spiritual life.