A New Law Is Needed

It should be socially acceptable to walk around with a Kleenex stuck up you nose if you have a cold.

So I’ve eaten three servings of Szechuan food, the first two went down very well because I couldn’t taste anything, but the third — yikes — my mouth was burning, my lips were in pain, and my canker sore was on fire.
Freckles has learned a new trick. She gets a treat when I bring her back into the house after going potty, and now she goes and sits at the door whenever she wants a treat. Well mom is on to her game and I’m not falling for it.
I wonder if it’s the changing of the seasons but she has been ravenous lately. Pacing the floors looking for food. Maybe it’s an animal thing trying to put on weight before the winter. That’s probably why they bring out the Halloween candy in August – so we animals can get ready for winter when we all hibernate and don’t eat. Yeah right.