A New Team for Minnesota

Well just in case you haven’t heard the good news the Lingerie Football League (I’ll say that again just so you know it’s not a typo – the Lingerie Football League) is coming to Minnesota. Until yesterday I never knew this “sport” even existed. And it’s big. The LFL currently has 10 teams and they are expanding to 14 teams. Thankfully Minnesota is included – and they will be playing at the city-owned Target Center. Yes, now Minneapolis is in the lingerie business. I guess since Hooters left Block E they felt they needed something new to fill the sleaze factor for downtown.

The LFL is looking for a good name for our team. The other teams have names such as: San Diego Seduction, Dallas Desire and Orlando Fantasy. Those sure sound like tough teams to me. I’m leaning towards names for our local team like Northern Naughty, Minnesota Muffins or Twin Cities Titties — we could be Minnesota – the team of 10,000 wet dreams.

Tryouts are coming up. I may have to sign up. If that doesn’t put an end to the LFL, nothing will.