A Review of Last Night’s Party

Do  you think the American Dental Association gets miffed every year when Rudolph is shown. I mean it depicts dentists as misfits. I see a potential libel law suit in the future. The ADA v. Santa — we’re not misfits.

But one of the main topics of conversation came when Sue brought us the Argyle cartoon that was in the paper that day. If you look closely it appears that Santa’s bedmate is a guy. Well this should be the topic of the next Republican debate. The liberal media is now portraying Santa as a homosexual.

Let’s think about this — he is a snappy dresser, likes to wear his “gay apparel,” spends a lot of time at shopping malls, seems a little obsessed with naughty people, and goes to a lot of holiday parties. He could be gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

And the other big topic from last night is how Myrna’s mother-in-law answers the phone. She says hello like Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley. Now we all want to call her just to hear her answer the phone and then hang up. We are a sick group and should probably never get together again. By the way, Sue, you left your green bag here.