After and After (The Styling Challenge)

I got my haircut on Friday (thank you Amber at Spalon Montage) and took the top picture when I got home because I knew it would never look quite as good if I “style” it myself. Now my idea of styling is I wash it, take a towel and rub it to get as much water out as possible, then I blow dry it. That’s Mary’s styling. When I get my hair cut the styling consists of this gigantic round brush and fluffing and some kind of goop. I just don’t have the patience for that — well that may not be correct, I may have the patience but I don’t have the desire. I’m lucky to have thick hair with still a bit of it’s natural curl and so I don’t have to do much of anything — that’s what the bottom picture is. Professional vs. Amateuressional. Thought I do look shinier in the top picture. Hmmmmm, I’ll have to check that out.

So how was your Memorial weekend? Mine was okay but I had to work on a project I got on Thursday and had to be done ASAP so I put in about 16 hours of OT. Nice for the wallet, not so great for the spirit. These days it’s hard to measure which one is more important. Took my sparent mom to the cemetery on Sunday to do the Grand Rounds as I call it. She has two sisters, her parents, and a daughter there so there are four stops. It was hot too but I’m glad this is something I can do for her. When we were there I noticed how much slower she’s moving this year than last year and it dawned on me that I will eventually have to go through the loss of a second set of parents. I’m not sure if I have the stamina for this. So I decided not to speak them again and then I won’t have to go through the pain. Ha, fooled you!!!!!

If I’ve learned anything since Freckles died it’s that the greater the love the greater the pain of loss but OMG who would exchange all that love? That’s why I’m thinking that I may actually get another dog someday despite all this pain because the joy still kicks the pain’s butt.

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  1. Love outweighs pain every day of the week, even Mondays! It's hard as H E double hockey sticks to lose a pet, but think of all the unconditional love and happiness you get every day you come home! No matter how evil and nasty work/life can be, there's a bouncing fluffy (scaly, hairy, etc.) animal at home waiting to make all your day's drama melt away.

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