All Beagles Look Alike!!!

 Well guess what I’m going to get perhaps this week or weekend? Yes, a giant television! No, a giant television is way too much work. No I’m getting a new pal. I want another beagle and here are my finalists. Homer is on the top, Cuddles is next, Paulette, and then rootin’ tootin’ Frances. Now Frances and Cuddles are in Wisconsin — Cuddles being just over the border but Frances is about 2.5 hours away. Homer and Paulette are Twin Cities dogs. Of course, now I want all of them. There’s a one dog limit in our building but I was thinking if I got all beagles and took them out one at a time perhaps no one would notice!!!!! Well it’s a thought.

Yes I still cry about Freckles and if I had that kind of power she’d still be here with me … but despite what you may have heard, I don’t have that kind of power. But I have lots of love and there are, as you can see, lots of dogs who need a mama as crazy as me. These dogs are all adults or seniors but they are the ones who need homes more than any others. People want puppies and youngsters — kind of like the work force or dating services — but the oldies are the goodies as far as I’m concerned.

So who do you vote for?

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