An Interesting Weekend

On Friday I went with my friend Lisa to the hospital. She had a lumpectomy. We won’t know the news until tonight as to what, if any, other treatment she will need. I have my fingers crossed!!!!!

A nurse was walking with us from one waiting room to another waiting room (I believe hospitals are 90% waiting rooms) and she said she was a little depressed that morning because one of her favorite aunts died. Now to begin with I’m not sure why she’s telling us this — we are already depressed because we are at a hospital but I thought I’d let that one slide. I can’t remember why but then she told us that her aunt died “from complications during surgery.” I know I’m not a health care expert, nor do I have a psychology degree, but I’m pretty sure you don’t tell someone going into surgery that your aunt just died from complications due to surgery. It’s probably the same reason that airlines don’t tell you about near misses while you are boarding the plane or health clubs don’t have signs on equipment such as “Bob Smith Memorial Treadmill — He Went Out Jogging.” I think we all know life is a big crap shoot but we’d rather not be reminded.

I had a writing class with Lizz Winstead. Lizz was the original creator of “The Daily Show” and is also a Southwest High School graduate. If you go to this link you will see the results of my group writing experience. I’m not much for group writing or group anything — perhaps I’ve been working in the business world long enough to know that nothing good comes from committees or groups. I kept worrying that we were going to end up with an organizational chart and bullet points.

Other than my unnatural fear of group think, the class was fantastic except the room was so cold I thought I’d never feel my toes or nose again. But they had excellent cookies so that made up for the potential hypothermia.