And So It Begins

I have no idea how the cover to my orange juice ended up on my desk. No idea at all. I was trying to find it yesterday and looked all over THE KITCHEN (where the orange juice is as well as the glass I poured the orange juice into) and couldn’t find it. I finally put some aluminum foil over the top and forgot about it.

Well last night I was sitting at my desk and I looked over and there it was, the top I’d been looking for. And, I can’t imagine how it got in here.
So yes it is beginning. I’m going to be one of those eccentric old ladies who misplaces everything. I always knew I’d be an eccentric old lady, and am proud of that, but I just didn’t realize I’d spend my “golden” years (which, according to my bank book is more likely to be my gold-plated or tin years) trying to find things.
I’m turning into my great Aunt Edith who once had her entire family looking for her glasses for over an hour before she realized they were on top of her head. She’s also the same woman who, when filling out an application to work at Dayton’s back in the 30s, wrote next to the question sex “Once in Cincinnati.” By the way, she got the job.
Actually, I’ll be proud to turn into Aunt Edith, she was one feisty lady. Now, where are my car keys – I’m off to Cincinnati.