Animal Farm

I went to see Dolphin’s Tale on Saturday with Annie. I love dolphins and wasn’t going to miss this film but oh brother am I a sap … we weren’t more than 5 minutes into the movie when I was crying. There’s something about animals that pushes all my buttons. I went through a vegetarian stage a couple of years ago. I keep feeling that I should try it again. Of course, I wonder what would happen to cows and pigs and chickens if the world were vegans. Would they become extinct because its not like they would make great pets — except for pigs, I’ve heard they actually make good pets. I just have this image of cows wandering the prairies and people taking their pigs to pig parks and chickens taking over the tarmacs of airports all over the world. And all that poultry would be chasing my friend Sue who has been known to be attacked by a goose.

And speaking of Sue (and I’m speaking of Sue S), I owe her a retraction. In my Wednesday post I said that she was the one who all of a sudden said “Speaking of Highway 100” when actually it was Sue G-K who apparently said that. I’ve decided one of the Sues will have to change their name so it is easier for me to recall who said what. So Sue S and Sue G-K one of you will now be known as Myrna — you two can decide which one but that’s just that way it has to be.

So let’s recap — Dolphin Tale — good movie go see it; Pigs and Cows — take over the world; Goodbye Sue — hello Myrna. Have a good Monday.