Anniversary Thoughts

It was five years ago today, May 21st, that Freckles and I found each other. The first two pictures are the first two pictures I took of Freckles. I put her up on the couch with me and she buried her head in the corner. She had no idea what to make of this whole situation. When she finally looked up she looked as apprehensive as I felt.

I’m not sure which one of us was more scared, her or me. I’d never had a dog of my own before and once I got her home I thought “what did I do.” I didn’t know anything about the care of a dog except you fed it, took it out to poop and pee, and took care of it. Her original name was “Suzette.” That was no name for a dog. It was a good name of a ballerina or an actress but not a dog. So when were driving home I looked at her as she cowered in the well of the passenger seat and said “Look you have Freckles.” And that was when I named her. I think it was a perfect name for her. It fit her personality. It took her a while to trust me and for me to trust me with her.

I like to look at her first picture and the smiling picture of her at the park. It let’s me know I did something right because she was one happy girl.

I was cleaning my place this weekend (yeah really I was) because I have a realtor coming over tomorrow, I pulled out a table and underneath it was one of her rawhide treats, half eaten. She must have stashed it there to chew on later. I always thought we’d grow old together but I guess the universe/God had other plans.

I still miss her so much I think my heart is going to break in two — which will be very messy.

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