Another Big Day Ahead of Me

Today’s the big day … yes I’m going to try to lie down on my bed, perhaps freeing myself from the La-Z-Boy cocoon I’ve been living in for the past week.  I so want to lie down, without using a lever.  Is that asking too much, I mean really?

It’s March 1st.  February went by so quickly I love it.  I think all months should be 28 days only.  That means we would have to add another month … it should be added between July and August and could be called Bauer, named after the great USA hero, Jack Bauer.  And it would be a national holiday month … no one would have to work.  I could run for public office based on this one idea.

So my plans for the day: 1) I have to figure out a way to bath Freckles without lifting her into the bathtub; 2) I have to figure out a way to bath myself without falling in the bathtub; and 3) start training for the 2010 Winter Olympics … Freckles and I are going to be the first owner/dog bobsled team.