Another One Of Life’s Little Lessons

When you fill the dog food container, take out the measuring cup first — that’s very important. And since the measuring cup I have is actually clear and the one you see in here is the one I used because the last time I filled the dog food container I left the measuring cup in there which, by the way, was orange because, yes, it had replaced the clear one because the time before that when I filled the dog food container … well you get the picture. I’m thinking of wearing those kid mittens with the string and clips on them when I put in more dog food and attaching the clips to the measuring cup. And if you’re asking why don’t I just use the clear cup, it is also in that pile of dog food. I just left it in there so I wouldn’t “lose” it. Before long all my beverage containers will be in there and I’ll have to drink out my hands.

I stayed home from work yesterday and went to the doctor. I apparently have a bit of bronchitis. Not sure what “a bit” exactly means but I was given some antibiotic pills that are ginormous and look like you would use them not for “a bit” of bronchitis but for “a sh*tload” of bronchitis. I also have prednisone for my asthma so hopefully I’ll stop whistling every time I exhale. I use to have a neighbor who had a hole in his throat (I can’t remember what those are called — wait I’ll go look it up — it’s a tracheotomy) and when he would exhale he’d whistle. The kids thought it was cool but I’m sure it became annoying at some point to people who lived with him. Of course the really cool part was when he smoked through the hole. Is it any wonder I started smoking – I mean it looked so cool.
Well back to work and school so I should probably have a relapse on Wednesday.