Another Ugly Sweater and a Great Idea

 I think this outfit would win the ugly sweater contest for sure. Between the color, which is really a lime green, the reindeer, and the flashing necklace I am the queen of Christmas ugly sweaters. Long live the queen.

Had dinner last night with my cousin Tom and his wife. They are heading to South America a week from Friday for a cruise. They are going to be in Chile and will get to see my nephew Perry and his wife Camila. The cruise offers side trips at various ports — one of them is $3,800 per person — yes that is a side trip!! I said I hope it includes hookers and illegal drugs.

When we were talking about work I mentioned that the place where I work named all its conference rooms after different lakes (which, by the way, makes for an interesting conversation when someone says “Steve is in Harriet”) and that I’ve found that naming suites after lakes is quite common in Minneapolis businesses. In fact, the suites at the Twins Target Field are also named after lakes. My niece said that at her job the conference rooms are named “A, B and C.” Since she’s a nurse my nephew and I suggested they name them after drugs. “We’ll be holding our meeting in Viagra,” or “Let’s sit down and discuss this in Rogaine,” or “Emily is waiting for us in Cymbalta.” In fact, hospitals and other places could sell the naming rights to their conference rooms, lunchroom, lobby, etc. The “Oscar Meyer Lunchroom” might sell as much bologna as is spoken in the hallways. The “Trojan Lobby” would keep unwanted “guests” from passing. And, really, who wouldn’t want to do their business in the “Office Depot” de-potty?

With ideas like this I don’t understand why I’m not in the “Pearle Vision” corner office with a great view.