Arrivederci Geri — Have Fun

My friend Geri is heading to Italy today with her daughter for a two week vacation. She went there for her honeymoon 40 years ago and has always wanted to go back and today she is going despite all the common sense messages that tell her she shouldn’t go — I really admire that about her. She’s knows if she doesn’t go now she may never get the chance five or 10 years from now so she’s doing it. Bravissimo (I think that’s Italian isn’t it) Geri. Now if she and her daughter don’t kill each other during the trip it will be a miracle. I’ll be watching the news.

There are only a few things I’d like to do travel wise — swim with dolphins is one, visit my nephew and his wife in Chile, spend a week in New York, spend a week in Washington DC, and spend a couple of weeks in Greece. I hope to be able to do at least two of them someday. I’m very good at someday planning – not so good at someday follow through but you never know when that will change. I haven’t given up on me – yet – but it’s only Wednesday and I still have time this week to give up.

Today is also Oprah’s last show and it’s kind of like the royal wedding – I’ll be glad when it’s over. There is so much hype around it that you just want it to be over so the world can move on to the next big thing – like the do-over rapture now coming to you in October. I would also like basketball and hockey to end. Neither of these sports should still be going – it is baseball season and squeaky shoes and ice skates should be put on the shelf until this fall.

And finally, a question regarding Glee — Aren’t any of the members of Glee seniors who graduate? I guess not because all the love drama will be returning in the fall.

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  1. I don't watch Glee (tried to once but the ridiculous zombies on the football field were just too much) but that's a good observation. I do believe Wally grew a year or two younger over the course of the Beave shows. I can no longer watch programs that have 25 – 30 yr olds playing HS students. But I can watch Criminal Minds over and over. Go figure.

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