Baby Boomer Bands

My friend Mark, who lives in New Orleans, posted on Facebook a local news article about “feral chickens” roaming the streets. He said he would definitely book a polka band named The Feral Chickens. This made me think of band names and I found a list of odd rock band names including Albino Toilet Boys, The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Toxic Shock and the Tampons, and quite a few using the name “Hitler” including Hitler’s Bikini and My Dog Has Hitler’s Brain. I was thinking of some great names for cover bands for people over the age of, let’s say, 50:

1. The Hip Replacements
2. Ear Hair and the Tweezers
3. The Northopedic Stars
4. The Constant Left Blinkers
5. Vinnie and the Viagras
6. The Sagging Behinds
7. Swinging Cat-O-Racks
8. High on Fiber
9. The Dependables
10. Liver Spots and the Night Creme

The possibilities are endless. Do you have any ideas?

1 thought on “Baby Boomer Bands

  1. I used up all my literary creativity on a limerick this week, and I can't participate with you. I'm sorry. But your #s 3,7, and 9 get a "10" from me!

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