Back In Minnesota

Glad to be back and so glad to have Freckles snoring next to me at night. She had so much fun with my friend Mary and her family — especially with their dog Wally. I took her soft-sided kennel over there and the other day when she was in there, and Wally was on the outside running around, she ripped her way out of the kennel. I’m so proud of her — she’s usually so quiet and complacent — it’s nice to see her show that spunky side I know is hiding underneath that cute face.

The flight home was uneventful — no broken plane or hungry pilots to delay our departure. I did, however, find a little note in my suitcase when I got home that it had been opened and inspected by the TSA. I hope they enjoyed looking through my dirty clothes. What a hoot. I can only imagine the comments!

Well back to the office. I’m sure there will be a big welcome home celebration.

1 thought on “Back In Minnesota

  1. tsa's never left me a note before, but I got a lot of strange looks when I flew home from Chile once and Perry sent a bag of his stuff back with me, of course it was the only bag they decided to search and he packed all his back country ski equipment, underwear and socks in it, the woman just looked at me so confused and I had no idea how to explain this situation in Spanish

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