Back to Normal — No I Don’t Like Normal

On the one hand most everyone who has ever gone to the state fair could be captured on film doing just this. On the other hand it’s Michelle Bachmann and a very large phallic symbol enjoying a moment together. How can one not find this amusing.

I can’t, for the live of me, understand how or why anyone would vote for her for anything. My mind floats back to when she nearly jumped on the back of George W Bush — she is a giddy teenager who now wants to be class president. I’m just waiting for her to go up in flames — figuratively not literally (really Secret Service people I’m not planning on setting her on fire).

The Fringe is over and I’m hoping to return to some sort of normalcy. It was fun to do the shows but I hate all the politics that goes with the festival. It’s like being back in high school, no it’s more like junior high, where you have the cool kids and the rest of us are just trying to avoid getting a wedgie or being shoved into a locker. Of course, I’m thinking “next year” despite all my curses and promises that I will never do this again.

I appreciate everyone who came to the show. My average was close to 85% of the house and that’s a great accomplishment considering I’m not a cool kid and the venue was in the middle of a war zone on the other side of the tracks.

Now all I’m left with are memories, a song about Kegling, and a basketful of underwear. Isn’t that always the story with the theater. I feel an Ethel Merman song coming on