Back To Reality — Yuck!!!!

Thought I would show off my new robe. Well it’s back to work and no more short weeks for quite a while (in my case it’s until Good Friday).  On the office there is this one character, the receptionist Pam, who says “At the beginning of the year I try to wait as long as I can before I use my vacation – I usually make it to the middle of January.” I can relate to her feelings — I’d like to take all three weeks right now and then another three weeks and another and … well you get the idea.

I have managed to keep my new year’s resolution so far — that I won’t make any resolutions. I have so much willpower it amazes even me.

I took my coins in to the bank on Saturday and had $416 — I will probably need to use it towards paying for my hernia surgery from carrying them into the bank. I put them in two different sacks to try to balance the load. This is a new record for me. Every year I follow Suzi Orman’s idea of only paying with paper and saving my coins during the year. Considering a can of pop at work is a quarter and I have at least two a day (don’t tell my dental hygenist) that’s $1.50 a day right there that goes into my bank. It’s actually an easy way to save some money and always fun to see what the total is — although next year I’m going to make my niece or nephew carry the money for me and I’ll give them a quarter tip (gee I’m generous), okay maybe a dollar!!!!

Have a fun day back at the salt mines or wherever the heck you are. I’m going to spend most of the day thinking about when I could take a vacation and where could I go for $416 besides Lakeville.