Back To Work

Not feeling any better but I’m heading back to work … at least for a while.  I think being busy will help.

Today on “Today,” which I swore I’d never watch again when they brought Jenna Bush on as a “correspondent” but I’m still watching, had a report on Herb Brooks and the 1980 Miracle on Ice.  It is one of those moment where you remember where you were when they won – – which is a much nicer moment in history to remember than the usual Kennedy (both brothers) assassinations, Martin Luther King’s assassination, the shuttle blowing up, 911 — the Miracle on Ice was a good moment, that we can remember.  (I just noticed assassination is really Ass Ass I Nation.)

If you haven’t seen the movie “Miracle” go out and rent it right now.  It’s one of those movies that will make you feel good.  I actually have no interest in Olympic hockey anymore … it’s all professionals so it’s like a great big all star game.  Kind of the “dream teams” for Olympic basketball.  Even if the USA would lose every game, I would like to see us set an example by going back to the amateur team.

So I’m off to work, waiting to hear from my doctor what my tests showed.  I’m pretty sure it’s that alien baby theory I’m working off of.

P.S. — If you remember the Miracle on Ice consider donating to the Herb Brooks Foundation to thank him for such a great moment.