Back To Work I guess

There’s no place like sleeping in; there’s no place like sleeping in. Well s*it I closed my eyes and clicked my heels and I’m still awake and ready for work.

I’m taking a week off in May — three weeks from now — I desperately need a week or a month or a year off. It will be a staycation but I like hanging out at home. Now all I have to do is take out a small loan so I can go for long drives in my car, which is my favorite thing to do on a staycation. On Good Friday I drove over to my friend’s mom (my sparent) to take her out to the cemetery. There is a gas station on the corner about four blocks from her house. Gas was $3.79 when I went to pick her up and $3.95 when I left. It went up 16 cents in an hour. I’m not going to drive past that station again just in case I made that happen — I have that kind of power you know.

I hope if you celebrate Easter you had a nice day. I looked out my window last night and there were two young women walking down the street in bunny outfits. Now by bunny outfits I’m not referring to Peter Rabbit although these outfits tend to have a strong affect on the Peters of the world. Yes they were dressed as Heffers and I thought to my agnostic self “Well Jesus I’ll bet seeing this makes you think ‘Boy was that worth all the pain I went through’.”

Off to work, have a good day.