Better Late Than Never (But Better Never Late) AGAIN

Sorry this is late …. I have no excuse and I have been chastised by one of my loyal readers:

Mary –
As a consistent reader, supporter and general appreciator of your blog, I feel I need to step up and offer some comment. At this point in our “blogationship”, we need to establish a Service Level Agreement (SLA) around WHEN your blog will be updated. Please read on for more details…….
Reading your blog has really offered a kick-start to my day. The problem is, it’s too late in MY day. I am at work anytime between 6:15 and 6:30 in the morning. At this point, unless it’s been a sleepless night or someone sent me an overnight Email that T’ed me off, I’m generally in a good mood. Problem is, by 7:30/8:00am, someone has, more than likely, already done something to push me to the precipice and the remainder of the day, I hang there waiting for the last jolt to push me over the edge.
I am certain, if I were to read your blog when I arrive at work, it would boost my “Don’t Shoot the Stupid People” antibodies and my day would not consist of teetering on the edge.
As a result, please take into account my request and send me a draft SLA agreement for my review and comment. Should I find it unacceptable, I will provide comments back on MY expectations and you will abide.
I look forward to many happy days, months and years of our blogationship. That is, of course, if you do the right thing by me. Please don’t take this as a threat, but ……..I know people.
I promise to do better in the future … really … I mean it …. no really I do … don’t release the monkeys —