Better Late Than Never (But Better Never Late)

So sue me … no wait don’t sue me.  I forgot to do a post this morning.  I blame Nancy, Mary, and Jean who forced me to go to the Original Pancake House for breakfast at 7:45 in the morning (on a Saturday) and eat delicious food and have a good time so I forgot to do this until now, which is 5:00 in the afternoon/early evening.  Where exactly does the evening begin?  I think it should be 6:00 but some people say it’s 5:00.  I believe they are wrong.  What do you think?

Anyways, did you watch the Hope for Haiti Now event?  I saw part of it, but can’t honestly say I was mesmerized to watch the whole thing.  And, as with the Grammys, I didn’t know who a lot of these people are.  I’m not sure if they are trying to be humble by not putting the singer’s name on the screen, but it’s actually kind of arrogant to assume we ALL know who you are.  Okay I’m a geezer and I’m not terribly motivated to listen to new music.  It’s the old line from “The Big Chill” when Michael asked Harold “Don’t you have any other music, you know from this century?” and Harold said “There is no other music.”  But I digress.

I’m not here to toot my own horn (TOOT, TOOT), but I gave a donation to UNICEF before it was chic.  I appreciate what the celebs are doing, but I have to say perhaps we could hide our light under the bushel a little bit more. Anyways, my review of Hope for Haiti Now — a great effort for a great cause, but Haiti will need help forever and I’m afraid we will all move on to the next cause very soon.

Have a good late afternoon or early evening or whatever.