Brett Favre is Back …

and it’s my birthday.

Yes, again on August 18th the press will not be covering my birthday. Instead they are covering the return of Brett Favre AGAIN and AGAIN it’s on August 18th. I think Brett is doing this just because I refused to sleep with him — well I refuse to sleep with him if he ever asks me.
Okay back to the birthday girl. I would like to point out that 50 years ago today I turned 6 and the first birth control pill was sold. I’ve always had a feeling it was sold to my mother. In fact I think she was at the drug store begging for it.
So I’m 56 … I’m on the backside of 50. I can’t believe it, I don’t feel older than 54. Oh well, not much I can do about it. What was your best year? My best year, so far, was when I was 32. I was in my last year of college, I was madly in love, I was having so much fun. I still think I can top 32 … perhaps I’ll top it when I’m 56. We’ll have to see.
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Brett Favre has come back,
Oh shit, even I can’t avoid the facts.