Brother Can You Spare A Couple Of Hundreds?

I’m going to get a piece of cardboard and stand by the freeways with a sign that says “HOT ASTHMATIC NEEDS $$$ FOR ELECTRIC BILL.” And I’ll have Freckles in her buggy next to me looking pathetic with a little sign that says “3 LEGGED BEAGLE NEEDS $$$ FOR FROSTY PAWS.” I wonder how much we’d get?

I’m scared to see what my electric bill is going to be. I think I’ve had my A/C running for two weeks straight. There was a time when I would turn it off during the day but I can’t do that with Freckles here so it runs day and night. Plus my ceiling fan and bedroom fan. I think I know what the money I make at the Fringe will be going to — and it’s not a trip to swim with the dolphins.

But today we are suppose to get a break from the hum-didally and perhaps, oh just perhaps, I can turn off the A/C at least at night. It would be nice to have the windows open and get some semi-fresh air. Until then, I better get to work on my sign.