Burn Mary Burn

Do you remember this? Yes, they still make Noxzema but this is the old label. When I would get sunburned I would cover myself in Noxzema — it was so cool (as in temperature not as in groovy) and felt so good on my burned skin. And it had a strong smell to it so you could tell I was coming into a room about 5 minutes before I got there and you knew I’d been there at least a half hour after I left. But it felt so cool.

Well I need my Noxzema. Yesterday I was out on a golf course for an event where I work (no I wasn’t golfing) and even though I used sunscreen I am burned. Last night I was putting cold ice packs on my face and arms and chestal area. No redhead should be out in the sun for hours like that — I believe we have an unnatural immunity to sunblock.

Now, once this stops burning it will start itching and I’ll start peeling and it will not be pretty. Oh well, I’ll still be beautiful even if I look like a walking onion.

Daisy Update: First, I changed her middle name from Lou to Doodle because I keep calling her Daisy Doodle. She is doing so well. She seems to be fine during the day in her crate and when I come home she is happy and does the quietest little sounds. No indoor potty problems. We go out three times a day and she likes to walk so I’m getting a lot of walking time in which is good for me too. She does move around quite a bit at night and wakes me up but I think I’ll get use to that and start sleeping through it. One of the big differences between Daisy and her big sister Freckles is that Daisy will not lay in bed forever when I get up. When I’m up, she’s up. So I have to pull on some clothes right away and head outside for our morning toilette. I don’t wake up quickly so I’m kind of out there sleep walking but again, we’ll get use to it. I’m taking her to see my vet on Saturday to have her microchipped and get a kennel cough vaccination. Then I can get her license and dog park permit. It will be interesting to see how she does in the dog park.

Well off to another day filled with unicorns, butterflies, and rainbows in a land we call denial, I mean work.