Buy My Condo and I’ll Put My Pants On

Here’s a little hint for you, if you are taking pictures of your condo to sell, don’t do it in your underwear.

I’m looking for a new place to live, either buy or rent. I can’t decide which one. My biggest problem is finding a place that both Freckles and I can live. I’m amazed how many places don’t take dogs. I guess I can understand because dogs can be quite noisy, especially if left alone all day. But Freckles doesn’t make any sound during the day. The only time I hear her bark is when I come home and she’s happy. And boy is she happy. Someone (who shall remain anonymous) suggested that I find a new home for Freckles. But I can’t imagine any place I found would be a home I’d like if I couldn’t share it with my sweet girl. So it’s me and the dog or no one at all.
And by the way Happy Mom’s Day to all of the moms out there. I am a dog mom so I guess I sort of count.