Call me. No don’t call me. Call me.

March is here! March is here! Last year it was the first time we had a March with no snow. Let’s go for a repeat performance Mother Nature.

I have a hard time believing the February is only 28 months, I mean days, long. It always seems like the longest month of the year. Oh well it’s gone … let’s skip right on to May.

When I got home last night I had 4 messages on my voice mail, which is odd because I usually don’t have any. The first message went on for about 5 minutes and I could hear some sort of machine in the background then some heavy breathing then more of some machine. I would have deleted it right away but the heavy breathing gave me hope that something more exciting would follow, but no such luck, Then I got a call telling me I would have to reschedule my appointment for my annual exam, then another message telling me that I could disregard the previous message which seemed to be cut off before the caller was finished, followed by another message telling me to disregard the previous message. Now I’m not sure if I’m suppose to disregard the message telling me to disregard the message or to disregard the message telling me to call. No wonder I had to up my dosage of Cymbalta.

I had the same thing happen at work. There was a message asking me about an upcoming conference and there was an email telling me we aren’t going to the conference and so I’m not sure which came first — chicken or the egg. My life is confusing enough without all this “help.” I can’t take the pressure anymore, I need to go to the Bahamas or Jamaica or Cincinnati to clear my head. Ha — there isn’t enough sun, surf, sand, and scrubbing bubbles to clear this old head.