Call Me XENA – Queen of the Nile

Okay, the root canal is over and except for the Novacaine shot it didn’t hurt and when the numbing wore off it didn’t hurt so things have changed in the last 20 years.  And I had some fun.  When I filled out the forms (you know there are always forms) it asked “Name You Prefer” and I wrote in “Your Highness.”  It was good for a few laughs and when I was leaving Dr. Chapman said “Nice to meet you your highness.”  I encourage all of you to have some fun with those forms.  When I had brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic and the form asked the name I preferred to be called by I wrote in “Xena, Queen of the Nile.”  The poor woman who came out into the reception area to call for me didn’t exactly know what to do.  They probably thought I should be in the psych ward.

Now for my question to the dental community … what do you have against doors?  I don’t understand why dental offices don’t have doors for each room.  I don’t want to see someone else having dental work and I’m not all that excited about others seeing me having dental work.  Other than an invasion of my so called privacy I’m afraid it will start a new trend — no doors at the doctor’s office.

So for any of you dentists out there … what’s up with no doors?

P.S. — I can’t believe it, I filed my taxes on Sunday (efile) and I have my Minnesota return already.  I guess it does pay to file early.