Can I Bum A Light?

I’m thinking of taking up smoking again. It has been 28 years since I quit smoking. I use to have a pack-and-a-half a day habit. I thought it was outrageous that I had to pay $20 for a carton of cigarettes which today would cost me around $50. But I don’t care, because I want to have four or five breaks a day from work to go outside and hang out for 10-15 minutes. That’s what I see every day here at work. Now, in the winter it does not seem like such a treat, but when it’s nice and sunny I wouldn’t mind spending an hour or more a day standing outside, while I’m getting paid to do it. Employers should give non-smokers extra vacation days to compensate for the time they don’t go out for a smoke every day. That would be a great incentive to stop smoking. Of course, the way the emphasis is now on obesity I’m thinking the next thing will be no junk food eating inside – you’ll have to go outside to eat a Twinkie. That would be an interesting group of people, huddled together eating their HoHos and Snickers. The new talk on the street would be “Hey, could I bum a Milky Way?” I suppose after that we won’t be able to get all liquored up in the office either. How will I make it to 5:00?

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  1. I found you by looking through some folks who enjoy ragtime (at least that's what I remember – it was over 15 minutes ago so I'm not sure!) I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and think I'm going to follow or bookmark or subscribe or something so I can find you again. I appreciate your short posts.

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