Can’t Tell If I’m Coming Or Going (At least not by my pants)

I woke up this morning and I looked out in the hallway outside my bedroom and thought I had left the hall light on all night … why, because it was bright and sunny. Yippee. Then Freckles decided to curl up as close to me as possible. What a great way to start the morning. Oh sure if it was Freckles and Keifer Sutherland who curled up as close to me as possible that would be nirvana but I’ll more than settle for Freckles.

So in my previous blog I said I was going to start a website about my friend Dale Wolf and I am proud to say I have done so. It is (because someone actually already had It’s just a home page right now but if you go there you can hear her singing “Smile.” I will post more soon.
And now for my Public Service Announcement: “Do you sometimes feel bad about yourself? Think that you are a loser? Well pick yourself up and dust yourself off because I bet you can say with all honesty ‘Hey, I may not be perfect but at least I didn’t go shopping at Target while wearing sweatpants — backwards.'” Yes, yesterday I ventured to Target for the first time in over two weeks (I’m surprised they hadn’t gone out of business) and when I got home I realized I had put on my sweatpants backwards. You know it’s bad enough that my stomach still hurts too much to wear jeans so I have to go everywhere in sweats, but to have them on backwards. Oh well, at least I wasn’t wearing two bras (or was I, and wearing them backwards). May God have mercy on my soul.