Change Is Good

Now that I got my book on Amazon I’m working on my Fringe show. This is the postcard for the show. I’ll let you decide which of these two choices I’m most likely to be wearing.

There is actually a book by this name. I bought it for $.01 on Amazon and it was well worth it just for the picture on the back. The two authors, Dr. Maryann Troiani and Dr. Michael Mercer, are seen in a naked embrace except for the lovely strand of pearls being worn by Dr. Troiani. It kind of gives me the creeps. I have never seen the author of any book I’ve read naked up until now. I was hoping to keep that streak going until my last day on earth – but this shot that all to hell. I’m glad other authors haven’t followed suit – especially Dr. Seuss and let’s not even go there.

It’s suppose to get into the 90s today in Minneapolis. We’ve all been belly aching about the cold weather so I guess it’s time to belly ache about the hot weather. Let’s hope my A/C is working.