Cheeseburger in Paradise

Convention Grill

Last night I went to dinner with friends I use to work with at Norwells Farwestgo (okay when I started working there it was Norwest and when I left it was Wells Fargo). We went to the Convention Grill in Edina and oh was it good — cheeseburgers, fries, malts, ice cream sundaes, salads?!? — there’s one in every crowd.

Of course Peter ordered a salad because he had already had dinner because he forgot we were going to dinner despite our email discussion earlier that day. So when he wasn’t there I called him and he came racing over in an orange shirt – I don’t know why that’s important except I sure do remember that orange shirt. I hope we got his laundry done when he got home because the tile guy is coming today and apparently you can’t do laundry when the tile guy has been to your house.

As always, it was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Sue G-K told us about 4-D sonograms (we didn’t understand either) and Roscery (that’s a combination of Rosary and Grocery) beads and Sue S told us how her cat speaks French (when he isn’t miming or asking for oatmeal) and out of no where says “Speaking of Highway 100.” Apparently the voices in her head were talking about Highway 100 because we weren’t.

I, of course, was the voice of reason — it’s getting so hard for me to be the only sane person in this group but I feel it’s my civic duty to keep spending time with them. I’m feeling one of my Mother Teresa/Gandhi moments coming on. Okay it’s passed.

I now must go out and wreak havoc on the world. Enjoy.