Christmas Queen

I have another song to add to my favorite Christmas songs: Christmas Queen by Miss Piggy. In fact, the Muppets Red and Green Christmas CD is worth the money. The Christmas Smorgasbord with the Swedish Chef is totally worth the price too.

Last night I learned that my uncle had a heart attack and stroke and has been taken off of life support. I am so sad. He’s the last surviving member of my dad’s family. I was at the 60th anniversary party for him and my aunt last summer — so glad I went to that. He’s a good person and I’ll miss him. It’s especially hard to lose someone at the holidays. Last year my friends Geri and Mary both lost their moms within a week of each other.

Well that was a downer, huh? Okay let’s end on a brighter note. Last night when I got off the bus I was trying to get onto the sidewalk but the passage was a hill. I kept trying to get up and I get sliding down. Tried again, again I slid down. On the third try I made it to the top and fell down trying to go down the other side. I felt like an incompetent mountain goat. Thankfully last night the city plowed the sidewalk on the other side of the street where the park is so I can walk there tonight. Of course all the way home after my “incident” the song “High on the hill was a longely goater, lady-oh a lady-oh a lady hoo” from Sound of Music kept going through my head. That’s the one song from that movie that I can’t stand. Perhaps tonight I’ll be singing “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria” or “The Christmas Queen.”