Class of 1966

Here’s a challenge for you … find me in this crowd of fellow Robert Fulton Elementary School Class of 1966.

Well Freckles had surgery yesterday and I’m hoping she’s on the road to recovery — cancer free. I can tell how sore she is feeling and can relate — it hurts like H E double hockey sticks to have an abdominal incision. It is hard to see her so sad but I know she will get better. I’m going to wash off her buggy and get her outside this weekend and hopefully that will perk her right up.

I got the rest of my scanned pictures back the other day … this is so exciting to have them on CD. I am going to get one of those computer picture frames that you can load pictures on and they alternate. There will be few pictures of me though. I would hope after all these years I could finally look at a picture of myself and not cringe. Well at least a picture of myself in my adult years. I love the kid pictures — I was so dang cute. When I look at current day pictures I get the urge to buy that double chin exercise machine and get a new wardrobe — well you can’t necessarily see what I’m wearing but I always want to get a new wardrobe.

I have found it much easier to accept the fact that I probably won’t like what I see in a picture than to spend thousands of dollars on therapy to learn to pretend to like what I see. In fact I think my money would be better spent on a professional Photoshop class and I could change all my pictures to what I like.  Hmmm, I never thought of that — I think Photoshop could put the psychology profession out of business — or at least put a big dent in it.