Coke — It’s what’s for breakfast

Coke Zero … the perfect breakfast food.

Yesterday Freckles and I went with our friend Geri to Lake Harriet to eat mini donuts and popcorn and watch people. Unfortunately we had to park about three blocks from the food stand and I literally had to drag Freckles most of the way. She does not like to walk, she likes to sniff and sniff and sniff then move a foot and start all over again. I was exhausted from the event. This is why I got a buggy and I should have brought it. I’ve learned my lesson.
Of course when we got home Freckles was exhausted and so was I. We both fell asleep. I guess it’s just as tiring to be pulled as it is to pull.
Back to work. I sure would love to have every Monday off. Come to think of it I’d like to have every Tuesday off, and Wednesday, etc. Why can’t I win that old lottery?????