Cross Marketing Gone Wild

Well it’s back to work day. I have been on vacation since the 4th of July but it’s over and time to face the music in the form of emails, snail mail, and all those things I need to do that I have a feeling the work elves never got around to. Damn you work elves.

Yesterday I found out a friend of mine’s mother-in-law passed away. I went to the obituary and at the end of the page was this ad and I was stunned. I can understand why the family needs the original death certificate but for crying in the beer is there nothing that doesn’t have a $ sign in front of it anymore?

I’ve seen ads on these pages before but they were for florists and funeral homes (in case reading an obituary got you thinking about 1) getting your affairs in order or 2) killing someone). But who, other than a relative who needs this for estate  purposes, would order a death and birth certificate. Even if you were doing genealogy perhaps you could wait until the body is cold before you order the death certificate.

What’s next … a photographer offering to let you have your picture taken with the deceased? with a recently widowed discount? An ad blaming the loved one’s death on Obamacare?

Speaking of photo opportunities. I saw this picture from the Basilica Block Party:

I imagine it will be part of the Girls Gone Wild — Vatican Edition video collection.  This is real “cross” marketing. And speaking of video ….

It’s not Girls Gone Wild quality — more Old Ladies Gone Mild — but I am putting videos of my show “If I Don’t Marry Davy Jones I’ll Just Die) on YouTube. Here is the first part.  Hope you enjoy them.

Well hi-ho-hi-ho it’s off to work I go.