Dances With Dustmops

Welcome back summer?!?!?

Of course this is my fault — this weekend I put my summer clothes away and took out the fall/winter selection and POOF it’s summer again. You can send your thank you notes to me any time now.

Not only did I switch out my “wardrobe” I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom. I’ve been wanting to do that for quite a while but kept thinking that it was a waste of time if I was going to be leaving here. But I decided I will be here for a while and I might as well enjoy myself.

I can’t believe how many socks I found when I moved furniture. And I didn’t find dust bunnies, I found killer dust buffaloes roaming the Hirsch prairie. And at times it was less roaming and more stampede. It was like that scene from Dances With Wolves except Kevin Costner didn’t show up and no animals were harmed in the cleaning of my room.

So it’s going to be a nice day — go forth and party.