Davy Davy Why Have You Left Me?

What can I say? If I was doing a new Fringe show it would be “I Guess I Won’t Be Marrying Davy Jones So I Might As Well Die.”

It began when the Monkee show started when I was 12. I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen and Davy, well he was the cutest guy I’d ever seen — better than Mike Dibble and he was the Brad Pitt of Junior High.

I watched every show and bought every album playing them over and over again especially “Mary, Mary” because I knew it was being sung directly to me (even if it was Mickey singing because Davy was too overcome with emotion to sing ). I would buy magazines that had them on the cover (Tiger Beat, 16) and oh my poor mom and dad, I would actually make them listen while I read the articles to them — hoping they would come around and see the light and all that was wonderful about The Monkees.

I actually remember writing in my diary “If I don’t marry Davy Jones I’ll just die” and worse yet believing it. I would pretend he would come to visit me and walk with me from class to class, holding my hand, while all the older girls would be so jealous. I would even get them to play at the prom so I would become the youngest girl to ever go to the prom. Yes, a 12 year old girl and a 21 year old man would play well in the press huh. Can anyone say Roman Polanski?

My friends and I went to see them when they came to Minneapolis and played at the Metropolitan Stadium (the original stadium of the Minnesota Twins — now the Mall of America). One of my friends Nancy Reed had made a gigantic stuffed animal she wanted to give to her boyfriend — Peter Tork — but they wouldn’t let us take it into the stadium. We were told it would be given to the band but I have a feeling it is in a landfill somewhere.

Of course eventually they went off television and I discovered other men but Davy was the first guy I was crazy about. 

RIP Davy I’ll always be a believer.

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  1. Thanks so much for writing this. I was a six year old in St. Louis Park when I sat in front of the TV every Monday night and kiss the screen when Davy was singing. He was so cute!

    Will you be performing more shows?

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