Denial – It’s What’s For Breakfast

This look is good for a number of things:

1. Mayonnaise
2. Liver
3. Bad singing
4. Constipation
5. Hearing there is snow coming at the end of April

Guess which one it is for today. In the immortal and philosophical words of one Charles Brown:


Truly the Universe can only expect a person to be patient and calm for a certain amount of time before he or she just goes insane. Okay it’s not a tsunami or earthquake or tornado and it will melt quickly but still I just don’t think I can take another day or inch or sign of snow. Someone told me to think of it as moisture — it’s like telling someone having bamboo shoots put under their fingernails to think of it as a manicure.

On a different topic (this is the part where I go into weather denial), I’m taking Freckles to the vet today. There is something wrong with her one and only back leg. She is having a very difficult time standing up. I have to help her up and give her a second to get her leg in place before she can start walking/running. Its been going on for a while but I’ve been in denial – saying her leg must have fallen asleep. But this weekend I came into the room to see her trying to pull herself across the room to her water dish using her front legs. It just broke my heart. So we’ll see what’s going on and hopefully it is something that can be fixed easily (and inexpensively).

So I’ll leave you with this parting thought: