Determined to Feel Better

I just finished eating a big serving of Imperial Chicken from The Lotus. Normally I get it “mild” because I can’t take the heat but today it is full on spicy. I can’t taste anything but my lips hurt so I know it’s working. My mom’s friend, Jean George, always said Szechuan food will move a cold along. Since I am one of those people who buys the Pace Extra Mild picante sauce (which is basically the same as buying a can of tomatoes), anything spicy makes my eyes water and nose run which is exactly what I want.

Run you f*uckin’ germs — I’m after you. I also went to Walgreen’s and got the super strength Sudafed. Now in order to get this you have to show a picture ID which is put into their “system.” I think this means it is sent to the DEA to see if I’m on a watch list. Well at first the “system” rejected me and I thought oh no, the 60s and 70s have finally caught up with me, but she had spelled my name wrong and it finally approved me. It should be that difficult to buy liquor or cigarettes but it isn’t. Oh well.
I’m hoping to be a draining machine for the rest of the day. I’m wearing my sunglasses or else I have to keep my eyes closed and I run into walls, doors, furniture, and dogs with my eyes open so I need to give myself the best chance for no injuries.
When I go to the party tonight (see how I’ve changed my thought pattern from “if” to “when” — very Wayne Dwyer of me), I’m bringing little bottles of hand sanitizers so hopefully people won’t catch what I got.
Happy Saturday — drain baby drain.

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  1. Having a cold is definitely miserable, I'm sure your great humor will pull you through! Hope you get better quickly w/o contaminating the others.

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