Did I Really Hear That?

First, I am no longer going to talk about you-know-what.  My blog is boring me so it can’t be doing much for you.

So last night I picked up the phone and it was dead.  I’ve had that happen before and thought “oh oh.”  I went on line to my telephone provider’s website (let’s call them West-quay) and discovered my phone bill was overdue.  I switched to paperless bills which was not so bright.  It is much easier to ignore yet another email than to ignore a bill in your hand.  But I did get an online bill the day before (March 2nd) and I immediately paid it through bill pay at my bank.  Apparently that was not good enough.  So I called West-quay and explained the bill had been paid, blah, blah, blah (I’m sure they hear that all the time so I wasn’t surprised by the condescending tone of the kid on the other end of the line) and he agreed to turn my phone back on.  Then it happened, he said “I notice you have connected with our website so you must not have our internet service.”  I told him no I had Omcast-cay because our association gets a deal and it is part of our association fee.  At that point he tried to sell me the internet service — the service that I would not have had available if I had them as a carrier.  I tried to explain to him the irony of the situation but he insisted that I should get their service so apparently they would have total domination of my communication life.  And just when I was about to hang up he wanted to know how I had called him.  When I said I used my cell phone — guess what — why didn’t I use their service.

I figured it out … they want to hold me communicatively hostage and then hope that I develop Stockholm Syndrome where I not only agree to bondage, but come to love it.  I’m not going to fall for that again, unless we go to dinner first.