Did I Really See That?

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning so Freckles and I are out running some errands, top down on Bessie (that’s the name of my car so don’t wonder why I didn’t take a picture of that), and as we cruised down Excelsior Blvd. I saw a sign and I thought “I must have read that wrong.” I turned the car around and went back to look again and yes, I did see correctly — SEXY ASIAN FARMHOUSE ANTIQUES.

Of course the questions are many: How can any farmhouse antiques be sexy? How can any farmhouse antiques be Asian (yes I realize I’m being Anglocentric)? Do you think they put SEXY on the sign just to get our attention? And if so, how smart was that?
Well with a Google of “Sexy Asian Farmhouse Antiques” I discovered there is a Sexy Asian Farmhouse Antiques Facebook page and an actual web page for the antique store.
Of course a really funny sign would be SEXY NORWEGIAN FARMHOUSE ANTIQUES because, well we all know two of those words don’t belong together.
P.S. — Only 20 weeks until I swim with the dolphins.